On a Similar Note

I’ve noticed that I’m still as love-sick as I ever was. That nothing I did would cover up the fact that I still feel passionately for him or perhaps her. I admit some people can be pretty good distractions but it is only temporary.

As a business major people often think I am in this stream to make money – to be heartless. This simply isn’t true. There is no sum of money that would change my memory. The other day in class someone mentioned that business is to be made or done without emotion. This practically enraged me lol. But I was rather calm to what I wanted to say.

I still wonder if I’m doing the right things, if I’m handling things in the best way. In the end I just want to be happy… but then again who says they want to end up miserable?

Here is a song by Sara Bareilles titled “Gravity”. I wish I could escape my strong attraction to the past, to past people. At least that is what I think is the best… even though it infringes on my ideas of loyalty.



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