One of the Same

Today at a LGBT event I saw a cute guy. But I think the only reason I liked him was that he looked like a red-head guy I know (that I have done stuff with) and he reminds me of her. I’m starting to wonder again if my memory will always be this cyclical. If it is this sort of associative memory is it natural?

 There are so many people in the world. What if I am only to see links of other people to those I see in the present n the future – will I be able to see people as who they are or will I only see the glare that is the past? Maybe the better question is how will I see a person as new and not the same?


Maybe this is just me, this is just how I learn. Like  child learns to interpret what colours might mean for the future. Maybe I’m just learning what to look for, what works for me, what my preferences are.

It seems like all my friends are in great relationships or stable and that I’m the only one that’s like this. But I know this isn’t true…

I may not always write it but I am curious as to what you think.


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