I Can’t Believe You Just Said That

Today I was at a presentation regarding anti-Harper movements. Very remarkable presentation. I stopped concentrating on the flow of the presentation during one skit. At the very end they made the statement that homelessness was the fault of the person, that they didn’t try.

At this point I was completely enraged, I couldn’t believe they just said that. It tore me up, such ignorance. In highschool our class went to a homeless shelter in Oshawa where we learned all about their hardships. Most of the homeless are consisted of youth wo are kicked out of their households by their families or neglected enough to leave home.

I was really sad that people would be this ignorant. Using their voice when the homeless are so often overlooked and choked out of society. In my opinion it is this sort of thinking that allows business owners to not to hire homeless as it becomes something common and acceptable.


4 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe You Just Said That

  1. i definitely agree with you, there are so many contributing factors to being homeless, especially for youth. and yes, people who think people are homeless because they didn’t try, are ignorant. you writing and publishing this blog post is one step towards educating, hopefully someone stumbles across this and decides to investigate further.

  2. I’ve been working at a program for the homeless for over 7 years. It is true that some people are homeless by choice but they are the minority. These are usually the panhandlers that make a living off of people giving them cash at intersections or collecting cans and bottles out of recycling bins to get by.
    The vast majority of homeless people are severely mentally ill and/or dealing with a long history of drug/alcohol dependence. Then there are those who are homeless because it is the cycle of their family which has yet to be broken. They adjust to living off the system and lack the motivation to become self sufficient because, in their minds, the best they can do is to get by on staying in shelters and getting food stamps. I’ve seen several children come through my program with their parents and then come back to the program as adults, sometimes with children of their own.
    More recently the increasing trend of the homeless population is people who are situationally homeless. These people have lost their homes to foreclosure or their unemployment has expired and they couldn’t find a job in time. Another new trend is newly discharged veterans.
    Those leaving the military with no social support are becoming homeless faster than any time in history. Over the summer I read the fastest growing demographic of the homeless population is female vets.
    There are many programs out there to help all of these people but the reason you still see people on the streets is because the demand is far far greater than the supply. Funding for social service programs have never been the priority of local or federal government.
    All of that to say, yeah, homelessness is about a lot more than people “not trying”.

    • Great insight thank you.

      I also think a lot of it has to do with the feeling of helplessness once you are homeless. As everyone expects them to be drug users and inefficient etc. they sometimes fulfill this role becase they share the same view (as it was integrated into them by social pressures etc.

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