Around a Month Left at the Internship

So I spent most of my reading break at this internship and basically have one month left. I really don’t want to leave… It’s so much fun. Even though today I spent over an hour trying to fit info. on a page to print in Excel I’m still finding the work very rewarding. Everything I do is connected to the future of this organization.

I was hesitant at the start to start off as it was in marketing and sales. All I could think about was how boring, dull, dry, it would be the death of me. But there’s something else to it… I don’t quite understand but I find it very satisfying. It’s very awkward for me to feel this way as I am usually anti-marketing and sales…

The people who work here are incredibly happy compared to what I view as the standard. When I’m out of university this is one of the places I’d like to work, but I would be so underqualified working alongside them, unless they let me branch out. A couple days ago I found an application procedure for working as a business and marketing person for a similar firm an hour away from here. I got really excited as you might imagine.

The organization I am with now sees the value in my work but I don’t think to the full extent, it’s doubtful that in the next year or so they would develop a marketing or sales team. But I think I’m finally starting to understand where I want to focus my efforts a bit better. I sort of like marketing and sales, I like human resources (HR), but I’m pretty sure my passion is in social work.

It’s so hard to choose, it’s like trying to pick a soul mate. I find HR and social work to be so similar. I wish I could stay at my internship for the full year, I like it here and I’m just getting to know people :/

On a side note I wrote an article for my internship organization to be published in the student newspaper next week, I’ve submitted it today.





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