Graduation is so Close

It’s like 5 month away but still… I am going to be so happy when I’m out of here. Going to be able to modify my entire life. I see it as the first opportunity to truly express myself, out of the whole education regime. There are so many things I want to start :). I want to start fencing, learning archery, having a regular work out schedule (getting those abs :P), and I total modification of my living space (one of my idea is to cover a wall in the notes I’ve taken in University haha). I am , however, wondering if I’ll stay in Peterborough and not go back home. I’ve wanted to teach overseas, get in touch with other family members, learn family history, and of course go and talk to my old friends (including him).


3 thoughts on “Graduation is so Close

  1. Good heavens! Why wait 5 months before you get your body back in shape? Three sets of 50 crunches every second day will do that – and let me know if you want a workout schedule suggesting for the rest! Go on, its worth the effort…

  2. Oh yes, that’s obviously not Peterborough UK is it? Just that I was born not so far from there… and on another point, the wall of notes: Mark Zuckerberg has such a wall at the Facebook offices in CA. Said to inspire his workforce; centrepiece is the ‘MySpace’ logo which facebook has now long overtaken.

  3. It’s the beautiful Peterborough Ontario :). I’m not too worried about waiting that long. I don’t really have the time to devote to crunches or really the space… lol. I used to take an hour walk home in the summer. I like really long walks but ma waiting for the motivation of one of my besties who lives perfectly out in the country (walking heaven!) I just need time.

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