The School Newspaper

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held by our school newspaper sparks flew! People were so made at oppressive behaviour and abusive behaviour outlined with specific examples. The board countered with changing the subject and saying that “they will do something about it soon”. History shows that they will do nothing. Seeing as everyone on one side was pissed off the AGM only managed to cover two agenda items! Wow… I must say… Wow….

At the second part of the AGM scheduled at least 2 weeks from now I think the same thing will happen. The difference is that I think I am going to self nominate and get into the board. I have strong idea of ethics and following them, I do not think these people do so I will form a platform of accountability.

Plus I’m a business person and those financial statements I viewed were a sham, so much needs to be improved here.


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