Last Day as an Intern?

so today was officially my last day as an intern. Although it didn’t seem like it… just seemed like a regular day. When it started to get closer to leaving time for the staff they were acting all weird lol. One guy hugged me awkwardly (but in a spontaneous funny way) then another was like “oh you did such great work… I haven’t really had a chance to look at anything you did”. It was pretty funny as everyone there is really busy, no surprise they hired a couple more staff this week.

I was going to ask for a reference letter a my supervisor seemed to love my work. I wasn’t really sure if he was kidding or not. But at the end of the day I was just finishing up some work and he came over casually, I thought he was just going to walk by.

he stopped and talked to me and was like… “well you did really well but the work is going to take a bit longer, weeks, months…” and it led to “we could really use your help working on this project so maybe we could you could come back when you aren’t so busy or part-time sort of thing and help us finish this” which led to “we have to work out the details but if everyone agrees this will be a paid thing.” – I’m guessing the words I was thinking a bunch of happy thoughts about random things.

He handed me an envelope, which I later realized was a gift and a gift card. A pretty good gift too 🙂 – I’m against the whole gift idea thing but it was great.

I’ve learned so much from the work and from the people, I don’t usually say this so it is really something.

In a way I wish I could be an intern forever but I’ve gotta grow up someway and I’ve got so much ahead of me.

Today I could honestly say that I am happy, without any jokes or anything like that.

Presently I am happy

Presently I am without a significant lover

so maybe it just doesn’t matter as much to not have that person there.

But I am also presently attached to my community, which is something that has been rare.

So maybe there is something to the stuff I learned in Sociology, specifically from Emile Durkheim.

He mentioned that people commit suicide/harm themselves when they feel “normlessness”. Maybe if I feel “normful” and involved I wont have to seek out this love of one person. Maybe I’ll just be happy with a smile from the passerby.



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