Life in Motion

Lately I have been incredibly busy, many, many projects to work on lately. I won a seat at the board of governors for the school newspaper and plan on amending a lot of their “By-laws” with my knowledge of contract formation and labour bargaining.

I ran to school late today at around 7pm to print out a friend’s report and submit it for her, this is the second time I’ve had to do this -.o.

I know I need a new haircut but the usual just isn’t cutting it for me… I need something different… I usually get a caesar haircut but I don’t really like it anymore…

in other news, I found out today that I can start a research course next year integrating my own styles with research on environmental engineering. This I find is quite a drastic move from the regular as I know very little when it comes to environmental engineering but I find it fascinating and I am a pretty good writer (or my professors tell me this).



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