Eventually I’ll send this to her

~this message is intended for my best friend (who will remain anonoymous.

I have built a life. One was given to me but I changed it.

I have created these friends that stand by me but really they are just extensions of myself. They know me, I’ve told them everything I felt significant.

But there are some things I can’t say, some things built inside that forever keep.

This is my love, my passion, and my exuberance.

I can only talk of such things and never give light to what they truly mean.

I stand before you like I would any day

Asking if you’d accept me, if you’d be there for me no matter the turn.

I ask of you of just one more chance to see if this love truly burns if it is anything to focus on and live by.

I ask that you let me take this chance so I may find this one once more to prove to myself if I truly love him.

I know that you will be there for me, you’ve said it before and we’ve both felt it. When we are over the top angry at each other we are at a sense of confusion. How could this be? And in this the answer, we are always there for each other.

But our love is not this extra step, it is not passionate lose love and you are already taken. So I ask of you will you allow me to go on this journey to find this person and to face the facts.

You know that I am passionate, that I am smart, but you also know that I may be blind to these facts.

So I am asking you as an extension of myself if I am ready for this. If I could truly handle one more encounter, one more chance, and if I should go for it.

Tell me now, for my love gushes and haphazardly finds its way to my mind taking it over.

Should I even try for this love or should I be happy someplace else?


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