Soon I Just Have to Decide

Every day it eats away at me

Like it never takes a holiday

Sitting here in my room

Thinking about what happens next

University ending in April

And then what

I get a job work up the corporate ladder

And just be happy

Happy that I never knew or never went back for them

I sit here listening to the sorrows played out by the voice of Adele

So easy does she play the tune of my sorrow

At the same time I want this to change I don’t want it to

I know what it’s like to feel this way and the way that these patterns go

But I suppose it wouldn’t be me

To let them go

To not know what happened to them

Ten years and barely anything about them has faded

The freedom of graduation from the schooling

What am I going to do…

I think about them everyday

What if these answers solve that

Finally allow me to think of something new

And maybe I’d be able to trust again

Not just a friend but someone closer

I just don’t know until it happens but this time I have to make a choice

It is not a given as to what I am to do

But if love is my guide

How could I go wrong?


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