A Test of Two Things

Today I decided to test two things. One is if I could cut me sideburns so that I could agree with them. The other was to see if I could remove all the hair off my one arm and hand to see what it was like.

The first was actually surprisingly easy. Although having ‘modified’ my hair before I was cautious as to how I went about it for sure. Still trying to figure out what I’ll do with my hair style.

The second wasn’t so great but lead to a new experience. I removed a lot of hair but ended up cutting myself all over lol. Mostly typical spots where a razor needs to be carefully used to avoid cutting things a razor would easily do (things that are round or more pronounced). I wont go into detail because it sounds gross, but it goes cold. Just to clarify, not a ‘cutter’ lol I do a lot of random things after midnight.



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