School Begins on the 9th

I keep thinking that I don’t want to go back to school in a couple of days but really it’s because this semester will be super busy. Unfortunately, I will be taking 3 courses on one day again which mirrors my second semester and that was hell. 9am to 12am (with a 5 hour break) on one day :o/.

Perhaps this is not the source of my stress though. I want to be a camp counsellor this summer as I find that job sweet. When I went to summer camp when I was 12 (around that) I always wanted to go back. Applying for this would have to happen within this month.

Pressure is beginning to mount for finding a job and setting a path for the future with School ending in April 2012. My best friends want to move with me to Alberta at the end of April. I’ve already lived with them for a long period of time so that is not an issue, I understand them a lot more.

I’ve been pretty busy with holiday stuff lately (that’s why there’s so little posts). I’m trying to figure out a new hair cut/style. I’ve also added old high school friends to Facebook, for general interest I suppose.

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