Thinking About Graduation

The last time I graduated I met some familiar faces up near the podium in front of a bunch of people I didn’t know (most I knew were faculty). I am thinking about graduation know as I anticipate how difficult this semester is going to be. The last time I went up to graduate I apparently made my father cry.

For some reason whenever he compliments or congratulates me it’s like nothing else. I feel really good :o) and I don’t mean that in some strange way, I just mean that it is something that if it were anyone else it wouldn’t mean as much.

I suppose it is either because we rarely talk about things of any real importance that when it comes to something I think is important I assume he has the same understanding or it is the effect of him simply acknowledging my efforts (which doesn’t happen too much).

I’m excited for graduation… so much will change.

I wonder though, if those fond memories like fishing for shiners (? shiny fish things) out late evening on the docks will ever be surpassed by better memories? or if that will always be what I am left thinking about when I think about the “good old days”.




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