This week/that week in thoughts

This  I wasn’t prepared, more than two things seemed to jump out of nowhere this week. Stress levels have elevated to a religious “do your homework only” state.

This week I mourned the passing of a professor, a really good friend of mine. One thing that I wanted to know more about is what he had said about potential. There are limits to potential, one can’t be the highest potential in everything and this struck a chord with me. I know what he said was right I just would never had expected that he would say it.

I’m confused how to approach the answer. How do you know what your potential is? How do you not just use this as a way of saying I wont do this because I wont make it to the top? What if you never attempt to climb Everest because you don’t think you can so you never try. This I stumble on as he was a life coach. How do I know my limits?

More importantly, will I spend my entire life try to reach something I will never achieve? Will I never accomplish what I should?

But that wasn’t the only land mark to the week. I first attended an aboriginal/indigenous ceremony in the honour of my professor, I really like aboriginal/indigenous singers, they sing with so much… purpose and feeling.

I then continued the ceremony later that day by going to our University’s tipi to complete a special task. It wasn’t really that strange to me other than using sage. I met some nice and interesting people at the tipi which shouldn’t have been a surprise to me.

Today I had a professor tell me how great a really long paper I wrote was. I honestly thought he was being a bit sarcastic. It was a very strange way of writing to me in that it had pataphors that mixed in with the theory.

Life has been busy lately, I’ve been adding to my contacts almost on a daily basis, but I am about to be hampered by a ton of assignments stretching to reading break at some point in February which I already have plans.

I think I could gain a lot of ground doing stuff at the university, but I always feel as if I am meant to do something that goes way beyond this, as if the end of university is this big gateway to something more fulfilling.

I used to want to be a graphic designer, an artist, an interior designer, an accountant, but now I’m not quite sure what I want to be. I have definitely found that I have a country heart, I love being out there I love being able to take long walks and talk about sweet nothing, I love the exercise, but everyone knows the internet connection out there sucks! lol a joke of course, that would never override my ambitions.

With uncommon curiosity,



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