So You’re All Going to Go Now?

As it turns out, I told one friend about the interviews they are both applying to the second stage of interviewing along with another friend of mine they are all going to go out to Regina, Saskatchewan. I graduate in April but they want to leave before then.

In a way I’m sad… yet I’m so proud of them. They can do this on their own, and they are realizing it now. I guess for me it’s like watching your children grow up in a way, this is a sign of them taking bold steps to better their lives.

nah, this can’t be sad, it only gets better for them from here on out. They want me to join them right after graduating, take a plane flight in, split 4 ways on a house, which is incredibly cheap in Regina lol. What I pay for one room in a house is the cost there for half a house haha.


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