The Dream World

Yesterday I had an incredibly creepy dream. I came home after school and wanted to go to sleep right away so all I did was I took off my shoes curled into bed and went to sleep. I left on my winter jacket as I thought it was cozy.

In the dream my head and my legs could move but the rest of me could not. I was trying to take up and lifting my head to look around proved difficult. The environment I was in was my friend’s basement on the ground (not a place I like to be without wearing shoes/socks and definitely not a place I’d sleep. I woke up shortly after in the dream I attempted to crawl across the ground to a door known to lead outside.

A couple of things I draw from this ‘experience’, first is that if  I sleep in something that subtlety restrains me I will have a dream related to immobility. Second, I never want to be paralyzed as the lives of people who are seem really difficult i.e. wanting to do something but can’t. Third, I find that I need to sleep with my feet on the bed lol, as that caused them to be really cold and the sensation of immobility somehow. Forth, I need to get better sleep lol.


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