Free again? maybe

today I feel happy.

but I’m unsure as to why.

I don’t really have anything to feel happy about.

today someone passively told me that I was terrible at communicating, fumbling with notes I didn’t feel like I accomplished much in answering the question “what have you been doing all this time?”

I think that I’ve gone away from where I once was (not physically lol). I don’t seem to care as much for love, for people I’m attracted to. Perhaps this is just because I am moving away in a couple of months.

I feel great though, I don’t know why. Today was worse than others and I seem to have made it through all the same.

I’m heading into very competitive weeks in school, work, and volunteering.

I’m really trying to understand what path I should take in life. So many dreams of mine have been shattered along the pavement. It is sad in one way but it is also worth noting that it wasn’t meant to be.

To move into something completely different, I have a camera now. It is pretty good and I will take some photos to share with you, once I find that charger… lol. I’m working on it.





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