Today I Smile

I’ve spent a couple days with my best friends and I feel pretty happy. Today I smile, not because I have to for some picture or something but because I enjoy myself around them.

I’m beginning to question what the difference is in how I feel around my best friends and another friend of mine. My one friend (also a friend of both of my best friends) is very different,a pretty good artist, an excellent drumer, but she is also kind of strange.

She has been in a relationship wih some guy, whom I’m pretty sure is a closet gay, so she doesn’t have sex with him (his cover being waiting until they get married) and she appears at almost all of our parties. I don’t know why I find her more interesting and valuable than my best friends. Sometimes we end up dancing together, because at one point I had asked her to dance with me (as she normally sits alone even when her “bf” is around), and I enjoy it a lot.

It’s as if nothing else seems to matter that happens within the time we are together and able to just chat about anything. It’s strange she makes me smile and all joyful unlike anyone I’ve ever met. It’s so werid…

she is usually seen sitting alone drawing, practicing the drums, or doing her homework, I think I really like her. I don’t think  I truly understood the differences in how I acted around her until a friend of mine mentioned how werid it was that we were dancing eventhough her “bf” was in the room.




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