So You’re Living With a Millionaire?

Last night around 1 a.m. I was at a friends. He was there with his ex-boyfriend and it actually wasn’t as awkward as you might think.

I found out that his ex-boyfriend lives with a millionaire, not in a sexual way but in a gives you random gifts and does a lot of sweet trips to places.

I was so jealous at this point trying to figure out if he was telling a lie or something. He said that he lives in a 2 year old house (expensive as hell) and pays $300.00 a month to live there (including heat, hydro, a bunch of other things, and meals) that was ridiculous in itself.

This millionaire guy works in the mining industry and is paid to write news articles for a special journal at $1,000 a month. My jaw dopped at that point, that’s ridiculous.

The reason this all came up was that I was trying to get a job in the area and he was talking about how someone just moved out. I was like omg I wanna go I wanna go, school is over in less than a month from now.

That’d be so cool to live with a millinoaire, apparently he’s strict about certain things but really probably one of the best opportunities to learn from an industry leader and advance my career.

I remain jealous.




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