First, I’ve be…

First, I’ve become a bit obsessive about finding a new job. A couple days ago I applied to work at a call centre. It’s not very well liked and I can think of a ton of reasons for it not to be considering the average opinion people have of them. In six months I will have to begin paying back student debt which isn’t exactly thrilling me.

Second, I’ve passed up an offer to go to Malta, an exotic island with warm beaches and lizards :). I will attempt to set up the same thing for next year. I really wanted to go but who would honestly work while visitng a tropical paradise lol. The idea of going entices me, the last time I was there I was 6. There is a ton of ancient culture and I could waste years looking at it all.

Third, I think this whole boyfriend issue is going to be left alone for a while. I don’t really see the point of pursuing it in any fashion lately. I think that I should get to know myself a bit more and spend more time on me. I think I will continue to just tell people about who I am etc. – more later, brother is ranting about blah blah blah…



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