The Farm Dream


Last night I had the most interesting dream. Two of my friends and I had time travelled back to when the farm which they live at had no electricity and vehicles didn’t exist. IT was strange for me to see the amount of details I thought of.

I’m not sure why I found this dream so fascinating. The farm rarely changes so maybe I was thinking that this would be the opportunity to change how they see the World. I know time travel is really a joke when we consider time and space but I still found it interesting. If we move back in time by one day we have to move the diameter of the Earth within that window to end up on Earth and not even in the exact same place. This is contrary to any time travel story told to you in the movies.

Perhaps this dream was fixated on the farm because it is such a nice place to go. When I think of perfect landscapes I need only think of the farm. It is probably also because I see so much opportunity in shifting the landscape to make it play with colourful thoughts such as a field of flowers (idea from Twilight) or a vast collection of bee hives for harvest (idea from farmers’ market trips).


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