“You got a friend in me”

Today isn’t the first day I’ve realized this, it’s more of noteworthy item in my history.

A year ago I broke apart from my two best friends in a big fight we had that happened overnight. It led into angry text messages and the deleting of Facebook friends. I think it was mostly my fault for not surfacing issues immediately.

The noteworthiness of this is the reaction I felt after I had broken away from them. It’s difficult to describe but it was similar to gut wrenching pain and a consistent uneasy feeling. I had never felt this way before, I felt really gross on the inside.

Feelings quickly turned into thoughts of getting them back. The timing of this event was prior to a significant life event for them so it was really not good timing at all or this to happen. I felt dead on the inside, like nothing I did mattered beyond this.

We eventually wrote super sad letters to each other describing the issues that had been going on and how our friendship was far more important than the matters at hand. We’re still best friends and smoothed over those issues with solutions and we now live in different environments and have much more breathing room so all is good.

I really should start writing more happy stories 😛



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