Calgary Update

My move to Calgary seems definite now. My cousin says she will help me out when I’m there. I don’t think I’ll need much help other than getting used to wha’s in the big city. I’ve never lived near a city downtown core and I want to live in Calgary’s downtown.

My friends were showing some hesitations today. I reassured them I’d be fine, I have lived the past year compeltely alone, although within range of my parents and friends. One of my best friends will take her vacation and come visit me, I promised to pay the fare there :). They did make some good points, I am not very good at making new friends, I am trying to figure that out more, I think I am getting better at that.

In other news, by 2015 Calgary will have around a 9,000 worker shortage. This was reported by news organizations as the coming “labour crunch”, which is only good for me if you understand a  bit of economics. If there is an undersupply of people they will pay more to have people work for them, paying more for me :).




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