Dearest readers,

today I am saying goodbye, but I will also say more than that. I have begun working a full-time job.I’ve realized that I have world-class friends, only because of how supportive we are of each other and the bond we share, unlike any other. I don’t know if I really want to have a significant other in the future, I already have awesome friends which could take away all my time. I am incredibly honoured to have such supportive friends, its difficult to say out loud, but I hope by the person I am around them and others that is shows enough for them to realize it.

I am saying goodbye today so I can write more for my university’s paper, eventhough I am an alumni now. I also want to read some books that aren’t school-related, I’ve only read 2 books that weren’t school-related,one when I was 12 and the other two years ago. For the beginning of my working life I am going to find somewhere to volunteer like a board of govenors (i’ve previously done this).


Finally I’d like to add something that I’ve learned over the years that I find very important. DON’T BECOME RIGID. Don’t always do one thing (with some variation to this based on possibilities). It is so critical to be able to keep a fair mind and assess things as changeable and to assess the facts vs. opinion.


Goodbye ❤




2 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Perhaps one day, but I have actually become a lot more… alive here in Calgary. I want to do things that don’t involve staring at a computer screen lol. I used to be super into computer gaming and all that but now I’m all into living and experiences. I really enjoy helping others so I’ve been attending netoworking events meeting new people and trying to get them jobs and I think I want to volunteer at a humane society :). The only part I don’t like about calgary is having my friends so far away :/. I also really want to garden and create a backyard that supports species. I’m very ambitious now and I suppose it is because I am free to try all these things 🙂

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