A new post :o

I’ve decided to drop some of the ‘professionalist standards’ I work into this writing from time to time to allow for a more free flow of ideas.


So much has happened since I last posted omg! I wish I could set up a Q&A section…


In terms of what I would love to read from you readers is what you’ve been up to as I like to read a blog like a lot of small stories which I can slowly read 🙂


I still need to get a better computer with a faster processor I am certain this will greatly improve my online experience.


Anyways all that boring stuff aside…


I’m now working for a hotel, only for the season, ending in December but I am having an interesting time. The hotel I work for attracts very high-profile people. Last week I met Larry King, Amanda Lang, and some other famous people!


In terms of the sex life that has been on pause since university so June 2012… lol you do the math.


Last week something interesting happened on my last shift of the week. I wasn’t really expecting it either. I went over to talk to my friend David to see if he needed any help so I called over. I only saw the back of his head and knew he had blonde hair.


But it definitely wasn’t him. He started talking before he turned to look at me but from his voice I was thinking “Dammit could be a new boss ugh… here come some orders”. But it actually was this pretty attractive blonde hair blue-eyed guy. I can’t really remember the conversation because I was trying to note any special details he said that I could use to talk to him later (something I usually shy away from).


Anyways… it turns out his name is Jason. The name some people call me and I have to suppress the urge to glare at them. So I helped him do whatever it was he was talking about lol.


But I noticed something he sort of looked at me differently. I wish I could describe it but it is that look of interest. I think he likes me 🙂 I just don’t want to go overboard in some extreme exaggeration.


Later on I was still thinking about him and saw him around a lot as we were working in the same area. Which I found pretty surprising because my area served far fewer people than other areas. I went over and something to the effect of “oh haha your name isn’t David, what’s your name?” and then he told me his name was Jason.


I really need to stop being so indirect lol… I waste so much time when it comes to the “if I should or shouldn’t ask” blah blah blah.


Next time I see him coffee date, somehow I will ask him to go on a coffee date. Perhaps I’ll play it cool and say something like “oh hey, do you want to go for coffee some time?”


Ugh how is it I can talk to so many people but once I know or suspect they are gay I get more nervous.




2 thoughts on “A new post :o

  1. Since your last post said ‘goodbye’… let me be the first to welcome you back! In regard to J, I suggest you try to relax a bit and just go with the flow: if it’s gonna happen, it will…

    • Well thank you. It’s been quite some time. I know but…. I always do that, wait and see just doesn’t work for the people I’m interested in. If I just stay passive he wont know I’m interested. If he’s anything like what I was before than he will want someone to approach him. But I think a less aggressive, calm and cool approach is sure to be the best when approaching him.

      I don’t want to be the person who never tried, who just waited and waited. :).

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