Update: Working With the Cute Boy

So the guy I work with is one of 200 people I can work with on any given night that I work.

I like him, he’s shy around me, I can tell, he makes it very obvious.

but instead of asking him out for a coffee or something I ended up nervously flipping around my business card before giving him it.

ugh… why do I get so nervous, probably over thinking this.


I just don’t want let people like this walk out of my life if I have a chance.

This week we started having more… regular conversation and I figure this would be an easier transition to asking him to go somewhere outside of work.


In part I get excited about being able to spend time with someone and having that mutual feeling. The other part to it is thinking about the potential for failure.


If he says no or if he says he isn’t interested well it wont ruin much I only work at this place for a couple more weeks…

I wonder where this attraction to blondes came from…




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