“So… you’re gay?”

Yesterday was interesting. the past two days I worked over 24 hours. Needless to say afterward I was very tired, and I still am now.


I used to work as a banquet server, now I work as a bartender at the same place (i’ll get to this story later). I was cleaning up at work table-by-table and this girl at work said she wanted to work with me. A strange request but she said she gets bored working alone.


I don’t really recall what we were talking about. She and I must have been talking about how long our shift was and the tips we made (the day before I got a whole dollar in tips lol and that day I had close to $100.00). She added in one phrase, it seemed very random too.


Her -“So… you’re gay?”

Me/Her–awkward silence-

Her-“I knew it”

Me/Her -awkward silence-

Me-“Yeah that’s what the awkward silence means”

and then came the barrage of questions about how it happened and why it happened and a bunch of other things.

I want to find out why she suspected this…


Yet I realize that this time “coming out” was easy, it really involved little on my part.









One thought on ““So… you’re gay?”

  1. C’mon, we have to get to the bottom of this! I need you to go right back to her and ask what prompted the question. Nothing to lose! We all need to know it, and we may learn something useful. Congratulations on only taking two pauses to tell her, anyway.

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