The title explains me from July when I moved out to Calgary, to now. Almost 6 months of no dating.  I always feel like I should be dating someone… sort of like going for a university degree, you have to be always moving toward getting it in order for your work and life to be deemed acceptable by others. You can’t just give up.

Blah… I’ve always found dating to be more of a game. But I suppose that is because I am always more interested in the shy men. The other non-shy men seem to either be sketchy, have a relationship, or have too many sexual partners.

Shy men are interesting, they have untold stories and far more uniqueness than others I think. But I suppose another reason I am interested in them is that I too am quite shy when it comes to certain things, but I’ve changed significantly over the past year.

For dating gay men Calgary is more of a desert. Although there are gay bars I am simply not attracted to that sort of lifestyle or loud music (and there is really only one bar in town that has young gays and it is very noisy and overly… sexual.

At work I have taken an interested in one guy. He has medium length blonde hair blue eyes, yeah yeah the typical dream. Except I doubt he has the body and he doesn’t have that dream career.

He works as a banquet server, and the difference between my job and his is that I got trained to be a bartender and I am bartending and he did not and is not. He gives off the impression that he is gay but it is one of those subtle could-be couldn’t-be types lol. Hard to read but I think he is, he looks at me in that sort of way, with interest.

It’s too bad really, Friday will be my last bartending shift and I really want to talk to him. As a bartender I rarely get a break the same time he does and when I’m at the bar and see him walk by (if he does) I usually don’t have the alone time to talk to him. I suppose I never really had enough time to get to know him, I can only really ask him to go for a coffee some time in January (when I get back to Calgary) and hope that he accepts.













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