Just in time for a funeral

On Sunday I got into Ontario at 2 a.m., around 3 hours after my grandfather had passed away. I suppose I was just in time. I didn’t really know that much about him… and we barely talked.

The visitation and funeral were the usual. Controversy and divides opening up in the family here and there. I get so annoyed when my family members can’t just get along, like really, how hard is it?

I feel ashamed of my family, I look for a role model and they are so hard to find. Then I think that I’m going to become one of these people and drift off thinking about the effects (or is it affects) of the environment on an individual. I still can’t believe the drugs, the mental illnesses, all of that… ugh I just want to get away.

I’m in the process of convincing my friends they need to move and fast, far away from this small town.


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