“Stand by yourself”

Today I am choosing to steal but a phrase from another person’s blog. “Stand by yourself”.

I’ve heard this phrase in many ways but most recently my cousin had said to me something along the lines of “only you can make a better life for yourself”.

I hate this phrase, it speaks to a world of independents doing what they want when they want. I just can’t believe it, even my cousin who told me this has a husband and relies heavily on her interaction with others.

I do not believe that independence is the way forward. You can’t be completely independent, who makes your food, who made your vehicle, who keeps you informed on different events, who ensures the air that you breathe is clean (or well… clean-ish). 

If directly interpreted as is and not simply as something someone would carelessly say, I am brought to sadness. Do people actually believe this or is it just something they say to make themselves feel independent of others?


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