Your Review

So its 1 a.m. and all I can really think about is how much of a trap I’m in. I think that my blogging might be simply a series of rants….

I’m requesting your feedback, as readers, what do you think?

Usually there would be some organized form for this so I wouldn’t get a wide spectrum of answers.

So generally:

1-10, 1 being super annoying rants I don’t care about and 10 being thoughtful rants about things that make me think about whatever I am ranting about.

And then add whatever you were originally thinking about when I posed the question, perhaps reread it now.

Also if you have ideas of how I could improve it let me know. I’ve been considering splitting my blog into two. As I generally use this to sink in thoughts off my daily life and not usually just about positive things. I can be optimistic I am just wondering if this is a part of the blog or not.

 or you could also talk about your favourite post of mine and why it is your favourite.


Let Me Know What You Think Here

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