3 Interviews

Today I had 3 interviews, 2 with staffing firms and one with a bank in town. 

The first interview was with a recruitment firm (pretty much the same thing as a staffing firm except they just hire people for organizations by doing all the recruiting) and this interview was okay. I didn’t particularly enjoy it because he seemed to try to sell me on the position and I was thinking this was the infamously terrible Enterprise Rent-A-Car Management Trainee Program (check out: http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Enterprise-Rent-A-Car-Reviews-E2783.htm). The position’s base pay is 40k a year with sales incentives.

The second interview was actually for one position but it turned out to be for three. She mentioned that she was somewhat disappointed I didn’t have any HR experience, I was applying for a junior, very basic HR job. She also told me about another HR position with the same company. Oh yeah, they company is Shell, you know the giant oil and gas company, though the interview was through a staffing agency.

both the HR positions pay in the neighbourhood of $24/hour which is pretty much amazing for a new grad. The only real problem is that they are on contract, but here people who land contracts with these companies end up getting more contracts or the benefit of posting that companies name on their resume.

The final position she talked about was basically template development with Shell, easiest job in the world. This position would last 1.5 months.

The final interview was with a bank, pretty standard job just like a Bank Teller/CSR but it is at their call centre. Pay is $17.25/hour but they have an awesome company culture. I told them about wanting to eventually move north and that I really liked their programs up there and they said they need people up that way and eventually I could transfer…. :).

So after one day of 3 interviews I am tired lol.

I’m probably going to apply to some more jobs now lol.



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