Bartending with a kick

Yesterday at work I was replaced at the bar by a friend of mine. I didn’t think anything of it as  I was told to go clean a different bar across the floor.

Later I was back at the bar helping Delores (the woman whom replaced me at the bar) and she mentioned to me that I was replaced due to “over pouring”. I asked her which drink and how she found out. She said that our supervisor had told her I was over pouring and that she only knew that because she asked why. 

She told me they (the company’s management) doesn’t tell you how to fix the problem with whatever you are doing (over pouring) they just get rid of people. She also said that she had asked why because she likes me and wants me to stick around. I could only think “awwwwww”. She is middle-aged and doesn’t speak fully fluent English so she made and effort on both fronts.


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