So yeah dating is going…

So I had two interesting dates or meetings I suppose on the weekend.

one was with a chartered accountant so I initially thought it was going to be really boring. It kind of was, we walked around the river that cuts through Edmonton. Seeing as it wasn’t quite into the season there wasn’t a lot blooming (this would have been a good place to put an erection joke but not so fitting). He talked about himself… a lot, even when I started talking about how my education was really similar he just kind of went on with a story. I don’t think he liked me too much, I wasn’t really physically attracted to him and he was very close to fitting a gay stereotype.

My other meeting was with a massage therapist so initially I thought sweet, back rubs. Even though we were in public in the downtown area I saw a lot of crazy <censor>. I wont repeat the one as it was too gross but the other was a guy who had been hit in the face and there was blood all over him. Regardless of that happening he had the mentality of a high school boy, when I met him I also met his friend (a girl) and they were just like high schoolers so annoying.

So I’m still on POF.



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