Reflecting on ~340 days

So it’s been roughly 340 days since I got very emotional and boarded a WestJet flight to Calgary, Alberta. I have moved through 5 different jobs and I am taking on 2 currently. I have managed to build amazing friendships (a quality I have never seen before) through networking but a lot of this was very wonky and strange feeling for me because it wasn’t stable.


I haven’t had sex in a year, Ryan my last boyfriend was the last person whom I had that with. I still feel for him even though he is just not my type he was very kind and I could tell he really liked me and that he wanted something more out of our relationship. Ryan is also my only ex who has kept me added on Facebook.


I still haven’t taken on fencing but I have found out that archery is just not for me.


I’ve gained weight, although I am eating way better this year than any other. This isn’t an excuse though, I need to treat myself better and really start working out to get those abs back, because they… well I loved them lol.


I really need to get rid of that invincible feeling and worrilessness I catch when I am feeling loved or attached, this is key with the next boyfriend.


This year I’ve met 3 people that I thought might be good guys to be around and perhaps be a boyfriend but all were a miss, in person they just weren’t even close to the “right one” – and I am fine with this.


I admit, going forward, in July when my birthday hits, its probably going to be very hard on me. Even though I am so used to doing nothing special on my birthday it easily reminds me of sitting in the sun in the backyard at my Dad’s and being within 6 steps from my family members.


In terms of jobs I’m excited to be working security for concerts and I am somewhat more attentive to the attractive men I sometimes see on my daily commute (it’s not even that long of a commute).


So here’s to my readers, I’m not flipping to decide my future, I’m just going to live it and this is part of my recorded life.





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