The guy on the bus

Lately I’ve been excited to catch the second bus to work and first from work as I get a glimpse of eye candy. Well sometimes.


He has medium-length somewhat curly brown hair and it just drives me mad. I an barely speak when he’s around so yeah this is definitely like being a kid all over again. 


Only every once in a while I see him, my thoughts easily trail off to things about him. Even my writing about him isn’t that great ugh crushing on him.


I haven’t spoken to him before, I’ve heard him talk and I look at him and kind of look away – I am so shy it is so unlike me.


He tends to sit away from me on the bus but he looks at me every once in while, I guess this is all I need lol. But seriously I think I’m getting a vibe from him, the way he looks at me and how he doesn’t really talk all that much when I’m around.


Now to figure out something to start a conversation other than looking at him and looking a bit out of the way as if I was looking at something behind him.


Perhaps I just need to grow up lol. Does this feeling/acting ever die? ❤


Tomorrow I just might see him.


2 thoughts on “The guy on the bus

  1. I had this when I was doing my work experience getting the bus.
    Incredulously cute guy, looked at me and always sat near me..
    Sadly I already have a boyfriend and was only there a couple weeks.
    But still, I recommend going for it!

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