Christmas isn’t my kind of holiday

Christmas has never been my favourite holiday. I do remember the rare time I was excited for Christmas, I’m not sure which one my parents did it but by the time I woke up on Christmas morning (I went to bed at around 11:30pm) there was a ton of Christmas presents. I remember the Crazy Carpet (a plastic sheet you would use to slide down a hill with two cut outs for hands) both my sister and I got and that’s pretty much about it.


Growing up I realized the true sadness of Christmas that overshadows the day for me now. For Christmas every year little boys and girls get out of their beds and work 12 hour, sometimes longer, shifts. What are they doing? they are making the gifts that the little boys and girls wake up to on Christmas morning. My attention was refocused on this fact when I noticed children making them in the “Death by China” documentary.


Children making Christmas lights? Yeah, I’d rather not light up my house at that expense.


In other news, I am going to be babysitting a dog and two cats (two different locations for the 25th and 26th. Just don’t mention Valentine’s Day “that’s a whole ‘nother bucket of worms”.


2 thoughts on “Christmas isn’t my kind of holiday

    • Christmas is super depressing, I don’t celebrate the start of the new year until it is the new year lol, give me time. I am not always such a pessimist, but lately I suppose, I also did something drastic on Christmas a couple years ago that broke up our family but in the end made things better, so to that I toast.

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