Holiday Hell

 I’m not feeling the greatest right now but I am realizing that love is f’ing awesome and I’m getting better :).

Today I am sitting in a -5 C apartment unsure of what to do with the next couple days as they are technically holidays and no one is around or everyone is busy doing something. So I’m sitting pretty much alone (I have my friend’s dog) in this cold apartment thinking.


Today and yesterday I watched: Brokeback Mountain and Bridgegroom.


The first I don’t really need to explain but basically I had only seen 15 minutes of the movie so when I watched it the other day it was more of a “aha!” moment/time.


Bridgegroom is a seriously depressing but realistic view on how gays are treated in the U.S. following two men in a relationship. The movie is named Bridgegroom because that is the last name of the man who dies in it losing his 6 year partner. The surviving partner created a youtube video which was flashed all over well every type of social media, you couldn’t read your horoscope without seeing it twice (I joke, no one reads horoscopes anymore)


Obviously this is something I thought my audience would be at least somewhat sympathetic to or care to find out more about


But I’ve learned something, or perhaps re-learned, that love is this amazing feeling, and you can see it in the short clips in Bridgegroom, the looks, the candidness.


I know I think it’s worth it, the fighting the everything, the whatever, but now I have a reference point so to speak, love is awesome.






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