The darkest two weeks

In the past two weeks people have faced a lot of challenges I’ve noticed. I’m not sure why but it seems like a lot of people were experiencing the terrible events in their life in the last two weeks. I feel for them.

The company I work for has about 10-12 sales reps. One is starting to go through a divorce. One had another heart attack and quit the company. One had a relative about 1 ½ years old die so he flew out for the funeral. So perhaps something is wrong in the air, who knows.

Today they announced my sister’s childhood friend and previous boyfriend had died from cancer (he started smoking about a year after they broke up.

So far not much has happened in my life that I could directly relate to the situations unfolding, so I’m just updating you  that the past two weeks, probably not the best. The scientist in me asks, I wonder if this will happen again next year?


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