Two Realizations

Over the past week or so I have had some great moments of clarity. I kind of wish I knew why.


ONE: I realized that the job/career I want is to be someone who motivates others. When I broke away from living at home and nearby my family I met two people whom I thought were rare individuals. Somehow I didn’t clue in until last week that both of these people are really good at motivating others. I was drawn to them for it. Being around them made me feel great and I want to not only be around those type of people but also project myself as one of them.


TWO:I realized I don’t have a neutral place. A place where my ideas are heard and can be talked about, a place where I can be 100% who I am, and still feel comfortable. It took me a while to realize this but my friends are my friends because of the way they want me to respond and not how I actually would. The phrasing is a bit off on that but basically I place where I can just be me without any judgement or  narrowed conversation.


I will look forward to solve these two things now that I know what they are.


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