Giving Notice/Quitting

Today I served my boss with notice, in two weeks I AM FREE!

Today I also realized half my team has similar plans haha.

Yesterday my references were called around 9 am. I got a voice mail around 1 pm and I nervously thought about calling them back all day.

At 6 pm over dinner I called them, hired. In two weeks, I will start in my career in HR with a large outdoors retailer. I’m excited, very excited.

At work today it was hard, my boss almost started to cry. Many of the sales reps were sad but happy I was moving on to focus on my career. Tomorrow is day two of the two weeks; I’m going to finish almost all my projects (one is far too massive to finish in two weeks). I cleaned out most of my desk today because I know what its like to start and have a cluttered desk – it sucks.


I am so excited!




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