Coffee Meeting

Today I just confirmed my coffee date with Mike on this coming Saturday. My birthday is next week so I didn’t want it to be too close to that.

It’s kind of awkward how his name is the same as one of my other close friends. He seems to be a nice guy, goes to the gym a lot more than me too.

I met him on POF of course, ’cause somehow meeting guys in person is so much harder for me. That and it usually would have to involve a bar, a place I rarely, very rarely go to.

Mike will be my second POF meeting in two years. I think this is a long time to waste not dating for me.

Mike likes retail, I have encouraged him to put two feet out in front of him and possibly try for anything else, I mean this is an oil city, plenty of higher paying jobs.

He’s definitely got a look I like of course.

So I’ll meet him for the first time downtown and we’ll go for coffee, I’ve slated 30 minutes for this just a bit of a get to know, then if he doesn’t like me or I don’t like him we wont have to sit through and annoyingly long conversation.

I’m not too sure if dating is really for me, love is great and I feel awesome when I have someone to lean on. Dating is just so…. awkward, I really should have this down easy.


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