Coffee Meeting: Cancelled.

So it was cancelled and here’s how:

him – my mac is being dumb
me – I wouldn’t know much about those. What’s it doing?
him – it was being a pest with syncing info
me – just punch buttons it works on pcs
him – Lmao figured it out
me – just finished dinner with a coworker
me – are you excited for tmw? (21:38)
him – meh. just another day (21:43)
me – you still want to meet tmw? (21:46)
me – that’s the plan right?(21:46)
me – if you have other plans or don’t want to then that’s fine. Lol this isn’t a sales pitch. (21:53)
him – lol may be able to. depends if I go fishing (22:02)

I need an external opinion on this…. derp derp.


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